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February 1st: My First Dino-Baseball by Lisa Wheeler; ill. by Barry Gott 

February 1st: My First Dino-Soccer by Lisa Wheeler; ill. by Barry Gott 

February 2nd: Little Cat & Dog's Birthday Bake: A Recipe for Caring by Dori Durbin 

February 28th: To the Moon and Back by Lindsay Gizicki; ill. by Eleonora Petrova

March 1st: The Topsy-Turvy Bus by Anita Fitch Pazner; ill. by Carolina Farias

March 1st: Mighty Mahi by Suzanne Jacobs Lipshaw; ill. by Dorothy Shaw

March 15th: All God's Critters Sing Allelu by pj lyons; ill. by Carol Herring

April 1st: This Could Be You by Cindy Williams Schrauben; ill. by Julia Seal

April 15th: I Feel You by Kinyel Friday; ill. by Robert Roberson, Jr.

May 9th: Molly and the Lost Dance Shoes by Pria Dee ill. by Tina Perko

May 24th: Yoshi and the Ocean: A Sea Turtle's Incredible Journey Home by Lindsay Moore

June 4th: Cady and the Birchbark Box by Ann Dallman

June 21st: Ice Cream Face by Heidi Sheffield

August 29th: The Go to Sleep Tree by E.F. Meyette; ill. by Meghan Melotik

August 29th: Baby Shower by Lisa Wheeler; ill. by Charlie Alder

September 1st: Diya Dances the Dandiya by Pria Dee; ill. by Youngju Kim

September 6th: On a Gold-Blooming Day by Buffy Silverman

September 6th: Ask the Girl by Kim Bartosch

September 9th: What about Lilly? by Kim Delmar Cory

September 9th: Let's Build a Little Train by Julia Richardson; ill. by Ryan O'Rourke

September 15th: An Amazing Manatee Journal by Kathleen Jae

September 15th: Not My Lisa by Kinyel Friday; ill. by Robert Roberson, Jr. 

September 19th: The Pirate Doctor by Lindsay Gizicki; ill. by Eleonara Petrova 

October 3rd: The Legend of the Serpent Witch by F.P. LaRue

October 10th: Chasing the Moon by Melanie Hooyenga

October 11th: My Name Is Not Ed Tug by Amy Nielander

October 11th: The Youngest Disciple by Eric & Meredith Schrotenboer (ill by Tyson Ranes

October 14th: Boats Can't Jump: The Story of the Soo Locks by Laura Barens, ill. by Don Lee

October 18th: Tell Me No Lies by Andrea Contos

December 13th: Zac's Mighty Wheels and the Case of the Missing Grannies by Andrea & Braden Kurth; ill. by Justin Rose

December 22nd: Dino-Valentine's Day by Lisa Wheeler; ill. by Barry Gott

December 27th: Bug Bug Don't Bug Me by Dawn Simpson



January 12th: Where All the Little Things Live by Ian Tadashi Moore

March 23rd: Someone Builds the Dream by Lisa Wheeler; ill. by Loren Long

April 1st: The Singer and the Scientist by Lisa Rose; ill. by Isabel Muñoz
April 21st: Whale Fall Café by Jacquie Sewell

April 29th: Summer of the Tree Army illustrated by Kirbi Fagan

May 8th: Whisper by Tracy Bilen

May 11th: The Museum of Everything by Lynne Rae Perkins

June 15th: Shadow Songs by Baxter Bramatti

June 15th: Swim Like the Fishes by Kinyel Friday; ill. by Robert Roberson, Jr. 

June 17th: Together with Dad by P. J. Bass

June 29th: Rat Fair by Leah Rose Kessler; ill. by Cleonique Hilsaca

August 2nd: The Ghostly Tales of San Antonio, by Jay Whistler

August 31st: Valor & Victor and the Zombies from Earth by Tracy Detz; ill. by Monika Suska

September 6th: How it Happens by Jean Alicia Elster

September 28th: Migraine and Mia by Kat Harrison; ill. by Marusha Belle

October 28th: Mrs. Noah by Patti Richards; ill. by Alice Pieroni
November 3rd: The Curse of Shadow Park by F.P. LaRue

November 11th: My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere with Me by Kathleen Marcath; ill by Isaac Lian and Pardeep Mehra





February 12th: On A Snow-Melting Day: Seeking Signs of Spring by Buffy Silverman
February 19th: Grandma's Hug by Amy Nielander

February 24th: Old Rock (Is Not Boring) by Deb Pilutti

February 26th: Equality's Call by Debbie Diesen

March 1st: Sunny Side Upbringing by Maria Dismondy

March 17th: 3000 Feet Over Lambeau by Roger D. Hess

March 24th: Cady and the Bea Necklace by Ann Dallman

April 7th: Catwad, Me, Three! by Jim Benton

April 22nd: Trees Make Perfect Pets with Cathy Gendron

May 2nd: What's This Tail Saying? by Carolyn Combs

May 3rd: Surgery on Sunday by Kat Harrison
May 5th: A Doll for Grandma: A Story About Alzheimer's Disease by Paulette Sharkey

May 14th: Legend of the Storm Sneezer by Kristiana Sfirlea

May 26th: Attack of the Stuff, the Life and Times of Bill Waddler by Jim Benton

June 1st: Tavi Tails - The Diary of a Dog by Lisa Richman

June 9th: American As Paneer Pie by Supriya Kelkar

June 10th: Moon Puppets by Baxter Bramatti
August 20th: The Puppy Predicament by Rachel Anderson

September 7th: I'm Just O.K. by Tara Michener
September 23rd: A Zombie Vacation by Lisa Rose
October 31st: Franny K. Stein, Recipe for Disaster by Jim Benton 

November 4th: Season of the Great Bird by Maryann Lawrence

November 9th: Dino-Thanksgiving by Lisa Wheeler

November 21st: Gordy and the Ghost Crab by Linda Sienkiewicz



January 15th: The Medal of Honor Series by Michael Spradlin

January 20th: Spriggles: Motivational Books for Children by Martha and Jeff Gottlieb

March 5th: The Griffins of Castle Cary by Heather Shumaker

March 18th: The First Men Who Went to the Moon by Rhonda Gowler

April 30th: I Campaigned for Ice Cream by Suzanne Jacobs Lipshaw

May 20th: Trapper's Grounding by Dawn Chevoya

June 4th: The Pout-Pout Fish Cleans Up The Ocean by Debbie Diesen

June 7th: Triple the Fun On Mackinac Island by Victoria Buursma

June 18th: Even Monsters Go to School by Lisa Wheeler

June 21st: Rescue, The War Unicorn Chronicles Book 3 by Sandy Carlson

June 23rd: Dragons from Mars Go to School by Deborah Aronson

July 9th: Goodness Gracious: A Gratitude Book for Children by Lori McElrath Eslick

July 28th: God's Sparrows by Kathleen Vincez
September 1st: Thanku: Poems of Gratitude with Patti Richards

September 4th: The Light in the Lake by Sarah Baughman

September 9th: The Many Colors of Harpreet Singh by Supriya Kelkar

September 15th: A Year with Mama Earth by Rebecca Grabill

September 18th: People Share with People by Lisa Wheeler

September 22nd: The Pocket Picture by Lisa Rose
October 6th: The Healing Star by A. Kidd
November 5th: Over in Motown by Debbie Taylor


July 1st: Excuse Me Ma'am, Excuse Me Sir I'm Amina, An All-American Girl! by Shayma Mustafa

July 13th: Star Powers Series by Lisa Rose
July 31st: Hello, Fall! by Debbie Diesen

August 7th: Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook, Book 1: Phases of the Moon by Josef Bastian

August 31st: Dino-Christmas by Lisa Wheeler

September 21st: American Road Trip by Patrick Flores-Scott
September 27th: Stretch to the Sun by Carrie Pearson

October 9th: Violet and the Woof by Rebecca Grabill 

October 30th: Snail, I Love You by Tevah Platt and Willa Thiel

November 15th: Tamaishi by Ian Tadashi Moore
December 11th: A Hug is for Holding Me by Lisa Wheeler


  1. So many amazing titles here! Congratulations all!

  2. I'm so proud of the authors listed here (wait, I'm proud of all authors). Can't wait to start reading these books. Ashley, I'm following your lead by listing names and books, finding them and then READING them!!