Tuesday, April 18, 2023

On the Shelf by Tara Michener: Super Cities: Detroit! by Daralynn Walker

If you have ever had questions, wonderings, or any curiosity about Detroit...Daralynn Walker has granted you your wish. In her book, Super Cities: Detroit! she unearths so many details about the city that garner the reader's attention and cures their curiosity. My 9-year-old son actually grabbed the book before I could read it for review because it was that interesting. 

The concept of mirrors, windows, and sliding glass doors is how I decide if a book is good for the On The Shelf segment. This book provides all of these. A mirror (especially for those who live in Michigan), there is something truly special for a child to learn specifics about their favorite pizza, car parades, and culture. It is also a window, because even if a detail is familiar in this book, you may easily learn an unknown fact about Detroit that you never knew even if you grew up in the area. This book is a fantastic sliding glass door, allowing all who read it to enter the magic of Detroit as a Super City. 

This book is positive, educational, and fun. I think that it is perfect for all libraries, especially school media centers, and I plan on getting my media specialist her own copy as a treat. Daralynn has truly given us a gem in this book and I hope that you see it this way too. 

Tara Michener is the author of six children's books that focus on self-esteem, diversity and anti-bullying. She is a TEDx speaker, therapist and owns her own private practice in Novi, MI. Tara has been recognized in publications such as Prevention Magazine, Essence Magazine, FREEP and more! She is the Committee Chair of E&I at SCBWI-MI. Her favorite days usually include spending time with her hubistrator, Jason, her son Cannon and her favorite snack Twizzlers and Diet Coke. You can follow her on Twitter @Taramichener. 


  1. Thanks, Tara, for the book recommendation.

  2. Ohhh, love the mirrors, windows, and sliding glass door analogy! Sounds like a book every Michigander will enjoy.

  3. Thanks for sharing your review, Tara! Love your criteria!