Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday: flashback photos from fun-filled conferences

Just for fun, I dug around in the SCBWI-MI archives. Presenting Throwback Thursday...

2011 fall conference on Mackinac Island. Ahhh... Sadly, I will not be packing my bags for the return trip to Mackinac this weekend, but here are some flashback photos from fun-filled conferences over the years.

Karaoke Queen: Catherine Bieberich. Ask her to sing Devo's Whip It, then watch her friends leap to the dance floor. (I'm not allowed to share those photos.)

That's me! Photo-op with a brilliant pink-haired author. Laini Taylor is my hero. (Her husband is pretty cool and talented, too.)

Notice the theme? It's always Halloween at SCBWI conferences. Yes, that's the same Monica Harris in all three pics. Along with Leslie Helakoski, Vicky Lorencen, Jody Lamb, and Sarah Perry. 

Ahem...  Add your own caption here. Ryan Hipp with Jay Asher and Julie Chase.
Remember when Tracy Bilen won the novel mentorship in 2008-2009? Her winning novel, What She Left Behind, was published in 2012 by Simon Pulse. Here's Tracy signing her newly published book with her mentor, Shutta Crum, at the book launch party!

The SCBWI-MI 2014 - 2015 mentorship winner will be announced at the fall conference on Mackinac Island this weekend.  See the full listing of previous mentors and mentorship recipients on the SCBWI-MI website.

I know there are more flashback gems hiding out there - send them to me at kristinbartleylenz AT gmail DOT com. Safe traveling to all the conference-goers, and take pictures!



  1. This is so cool, Kristin. Thanks for the memories!

  2. These photos are fantastic, Kristin! Thanks for sharing. Hope we make lots more good memories this weekend!

  3. Karoake Queen Cathy is FABULOUS! (And her back-up dancers aren't bad either--heehee)

  4. I love all of these pictures! SCBWI knows how to have fun.

  5. Ahhh, brings back some wonderful memories and one of my favorite conferences was at Mackinac Island. Wish I could join you all but I'll be having some fun too at my niece's wedding (and maybe getting material for more stories--weddings are a great source!)

  6. I have zero recollection of Jay Asher licking me.