Monday, June 29, 2015

Hugs and Hurrahs!

Happy end of June all you amazing Michkidders! Once again it’s time to celebrate you! (Don’t you just love a party?) And can I just say, you all have been busy since our last edition of Hugs and Hurrahs! So fire up those fireworks, spin those sparklers and join me in giving a big HUG and HURRAH to the following members:

Hats off to Allison DeCamp whose debut novel, MY NEAR DEATH ADVENTURES (99% True) (Crown Books for Young Readers) released on February 24! The book is set in 1895 and is all about 11-year-old Stan, a young man on a mission to find his long-lost father in the logging camps of Michigan. Sounds awesome Allison!

Lori Eslick’s painting, featured in Gray’s Sporting Journal, was included as part of an exhibit of her work at the Arts Council of White Lake in Whitehall, Mi., May 18-June 5. Way to go Lori!

Congratulations to Gloria Nixon-John for her recently released YA Crossover, LEARNING FROM LADY CHATTERLY (Neverland Publishing, February 28, 2015). The book, set in 1950’s Detroit, tells the story of Gloria, an Italian immigrant in a Wonder Bread neighborhood trying to find her way in a time when Coke Bottle figures were the norm and knowledge seeking girls like her were the exception. We’re giving you a standing ovation Gloria!   

Karen Affholter recently signed with agent Jodell Sadler of Sadler Children’s Literary. What a fabulous accomplishment Karen. We are happy dancing for you! 

And speaking of agent signings, three cheers goes out to Vicky Lorencen who recently signed with agent Erin Murphy of Erin Murphy Literary. Vicky writes middle grade and also shares her writing wisdom on her blog, Frog on a Dime. So happy for you Vicky! 

Hip-Hip Hooray for Danielle Hammelef who received a Letter of Merit as runner-up in the fiction category for her short story "My Christmas Lesson," published this past December in Pockets Magazine. That’s something to be proud of Danielle! 

Buffy Silverman also received a Letter of Merit in the poetry category for her poem published in Ladybug Magazine. You can read the award winner on Buffy’s blog. Way to go Buffy! 

Woo Hoo to Wendy BooydeGraaf who has a picture book coming out in 2016 with Ripple Grove Press called SALAD PIE (iIllustrated by Bryan Langdo). You can read the official announcement on Ripple Grove’s FaceBook page. Way to go Wendy!

Rondi Olson's debut novel, ALL THINGS NOW LIVING (formerly SEVENTH DAUGHTER) has been sold to Written World Communications and is scheduled for release in December of 2015. The first in a YA Dystopian series, the rest of the series was also optioned. We are so happy for you Rondi!

And last but not least, I’m happy to announce that I sold my story, “The Christmas Candles,” to Highlights Magazine! This little story has had a long journey, but I’m so proud that it finally found a just-right home at Highlights (a life-long dream for this writer girl).

And remember, Hugs and Hurrahs is all about you! So keep sending all your good news to me, Patti Richards, at


  1. Congrats, everyone! You're an inspiration!

  2. Congrats, everyone! It's great to hear all the great news.

  3. Congratulations! So good to start my day with all the wonderful publishing news!

  4. I'm so impressed and thrilled for you all! Go Michiganders!!

  5. What a blessing to belong to such a talented, dynamic SCBWI chapter. Congrats to all!